Class photo!

Class photo!
This is us - the terrific room 12! Don't we look great in our new school uniform!

18 May 2014

Prickle Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the beginning of the term we had a very very windy day & there were prickles flying EVERYWHERE!!! The whole ground was covered in tiny prickles and when there was a gust of wind the prickles would fly around and hit us! Miss Tyman was on lunch duty when the prickle storm happened and she thought it was terrible ! We discussed why the prickle storm happened and we think it has something to do with autumn. The next day we decided to write about out experience in the prickle storm! Check out some of our brilliant writing below!!!

One Monday it was prickle day. I got very sore and the prickles really hurt me. It was SO painful. I could not stop running. Luckily I found a place to not get sore…. the field! It looked like a prickle monster was putting prickles everywhere. Then lunch time was over. I got to go inside. That was good.

On one Monday there was a prickle storm at Carlton School. When I was playing suddenly prickles blew into my face. It hurt. It kept doing it. Then when the bell rang we all went inside. Then we enjoyed class.

Last Monday it was prickle day. It’s called prickle day because it was windy. All the prickles were sucked up by the wind. Then it turned into a prickle storm. Me and Sean thought that it was one of the best days of our life.

On the 5th of May me and Taine sat down at morning tea, We saw lots of PRICKLES. At 12.30 there was a BIG prickle storm. It was really sore.

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