Class photo!

Class photo!
This is us - the terrific room 12! Don't we look great in our new school uniform!

3 June 2014

Milly's new kittens!

We got such a surprise this morning when Milly walked into the classroom with 2 kittens!!!!
We enjoyed patting Milly's Kittens. They were fluffy, black, white and brown. Their names were Sam and People.

Check out some of our simile writing about the cats:

They were as soft as a baby.They were as cute as a dog.They were as cute as a cat.

They  were as fluffy as snow. The kitten  was as  dark  as the  mid-night  sky.

Zyeisha-                                                                                                                                                   Their claws were as sharp as prickles.

The kittens fur was as soft as a feather!!! and as cute as a baby playing in the bath with his bath toys and as warm as fire!!!! and as funny as a clown.

Milly's 2 cats are us fluffy as sheep in a field of grass and as playful as dogs playing in their home.                                                                                                                                                                                        Jayda
Milly's    kittens  they were as fluffy as a bunny. They were as cute  as  a  baby.  They  were as cuddly as  a teddy bear.    They  were  as  warm  as  a   blanket.

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  1. Melody-
    What lovely and cute kittens. These kittens are really nice and they have good colors.