Class photo!

Class photo!
This is us - the terrific room 12! Don't we look great in our new school uniform!

21 September 2014

Room 12's inquiry journey for term 3!!

A few weeks ago Miss Tyman let Room 12 play in the trees. We had so much fun climbing them!

There is one problem though..... We think that we need to make the trees more fun and then children will play in them more often. So....we then went back into the classroom and did a lot of wonderings on how to make the trees more  fun!
As a class, we decided that Lucas's idea was perfect and we would begin to look at some tree huts on Google images.

Lucas.D said a hut has to be STABLE- So Miss Tyman set us a challenge! It was to build any type of hut out of marshmallow, pasta and tape. We needed as many hands as possible to help construct the hut so it was important we worked together. It was really tricky to get the hut to be stable and stand by its self, but most of us managed because we persisted!!!

Annnnnnnd over the last week we have been designing our own tree huts out of ice block sticks. We are working in peers and it is so much fun! Once we have finished our model tree huts we will take them to Ms O'Connor and try to convince her to let us have real tree huts in the school trees !!!!!